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Motto: “If there´s something we would like to change on a child, then  first let´s examine and study, if there´s something we´d better change on ourselves.“ (C.G. Jung)

25 Elementary School is a school with extended education of Physical Education with focus on badminton, basketball and golf, Music and Art.
25 Elementary School is a school with education of English since 1st grade.
The school comprises of school canteen and after school club (departments for 1st and 2nd grade pupils), which are situated in the same building as our school. Children don´t move to another building, so parents don´t have to worry about their children´s safety.
School educational programme „ Fair Play School“ is assembled to evolve talent and interests of all pupils.
Since 2009 our school is engaged in e-twinning project “Let´s make friends“. Common work of children and teachers was awarded by quality certificate “E-Twinning Label“.
Annual educational and upbringing stays are a part of educational plans of particular classes or lessons, e.g.  so called “school in nature“ focused on sport or art, skating in Pilsen Ice Arena, summer and winter training camp, ski courses, boating courses (canoes and rafts), foreign tours focused on evolving of foreign languages and mountain tourism.
4 Elementary Art School is also located in our school – there is a broad offer of playing the musical instruments , painting, singing and dancing.
25 Elementary School provides  pupils high quality education with possibility of choice both sport
and art specialization.
We put emphasis on reciprocal respect among teachers and pupils.
We propose quality pedagogical body, which is a guarantee of positive climate in classrooms with focus on growth of responsibility, self-reliance and cooperation among pupils. We are pleased
our school becomes even more popular.
In our school we put emphasis on meaningful spending of free time. After school club and more than twenty hobby circles, which are annually open, offer various engagement in after school activities.
Children can visit newly open library with information centre and free internet access to twelve computers daily from 12 a.m. to 4 p.m. A professional librarian gives them advice and also takes care of marvellous atmosphere.
School location

GPS: 49°43´22.508´´ N
           13°24´11.566´´ E

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Sport, turistika, hry venku38%
Knížka, ruční práce, hud.nástroj14%
Kino, divadlo, koncert21%
Počítač, televize20%
Nákupní centra7%



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